Castle Island Iced Tea 10
whisky, apricot brandy, lemon

Pineapple Express 11
housemade pineapple vodka, thai basil

Smoky Sunrise 12
crema de mezcal, aperol, yuzu

Bloodlust 11
blood orange margarita + sriracha salt rim

Wonky Donky 12
vodka, muddled blueberries, mint, ginger beer

Rosé Cucumber Sangria 10
pink peppercorn, raspberry
carafe (serves 4) 34


Light + Lager-y
Tiger (4.1% Singapore) 7
easy, tiger 16oz
add a shot of sake + table banging for a Lager Bomb! 11

All Hopped Up
Night Shift (Rotating) 9
ask your server about the current brew

Banded Horn Veridian IPA (6% ME) 8
citrus, pine, truth

Fun + Funky 
Porticho Chroma (6.1% MA) 8
amber ale, malty with a dry hop bite

Boulevard Tropical  (5.9% MO) 8
pale ale with passionfruit + grapefruit

Banded Horn Norweald Stout (6.5% MA)  8
dark chocolate + smoke, cream + caramel

How Do You Like Them Apples?
Embark Craft American Hopped Cider (6.4% NY) 8
lightly hopped + complex, touch of sweetness (gluten free)